Get in touch with your past…

Archery lets us experience our own past in historic archery. At West Stow, the museum has 8,000 year old arrowheads from the Mesolithic period as well as Anglo-Saxon arrowheads .

Archery courses

Currently available courses are Introducing Archery, Archery Experience and Introducing the Longbow, Longbow Experience.

The usual venue is West Stow Country Park and Anglo-Saxon Village. Most courses are advertised and booked on West Suffolk Diary - see the button below.

Contact me to arrange archery courses to suit your needs.


Arnor Archery provides have-a-go archery experiences for events at West Stow Anglo-Saxon Village throughout the year.  Most details and bookings are on the West Stow website, see the button below.

Contact me to provide sessions at your events.


After attending courses, people often want to continue with the longbow or with modern archery and get more tuition. The best way to do that is to join a local club. If you haven’t got equipment or can’t join a club then these practice sessions may suit you.

Contact me to provide details of our regular sessions where equipment and tuition are provided.

Arnor Archery Introducing the Longbow, August 2019


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