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Born of Hope

Born of Hope film

Filmed using West Stow as a Dunedain village, the fans’ prequel to The Lord of the Rings trilogy of films.

Middle-earth  Adventures

Tours and other Tolkien inspired activities

Ring Quest

Recreating Middle-earth for families since 2002 with a challenge trail, a Hobbit Hole and much more.

A Tolkien Society member since 2012.

 I gave a talk on ‘The Real Middle-earth’ at their Return of the Ring conference.


Ring Quest

Arnor Heritage provides a major part of this event which normally takes place during February half term each year. There is a constantly growing range of attractions provided as part of  this event including the Mirkwood spiders and archery sessions with a Ranger.

For further details check the West Stow website.

Born of Hope film

This award winning fan film last about an hour and has been seen online by millions of people worldwide.  It shows how Aragorn was born in a village just like West Stow! I was lucky enough to be in the film as a Ranger and a dead Ranger!

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Halbarad the Ranger

I can provide a range of Middle Earth adventures throughout the year to suit your needs. I can be in costume as Halbarad or out of costume as a Tolkien enthusiast of today.

For further details contact me to discuss how you would like to discover more about the real  Middle-earth.

Stay in a Hobbit Hole

Arnor Heritage has been working with West Stow pods to provide a real Hobbit Hole.

Pod Hollow


Middle earth adventures

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